Johnny English strikes again

Funnyman Rowan Atkinson reprises his role as Johnny English, the bumbling MI7 secret agent in Johnny English Strikes Again, the third instalment of the Johnny English series.

English’s new quest starts when he is called out of retirement following a cyberattack that reveals the identity of all active undercover M17 agents in the UK. Being the Secret Service’s last hope, English patriotically rises up to the challenge and sets out to find the brains behind the cyberattack.

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However, English is an old-school agent with limited skills and archaic methods, so he must then overcome the challenges of the digital age in order to come out victorious as the future of the whole world is in his hands and his trusted sidekick, Angus Bough.

Taking a poke on the famous spy genre, English is far from your average masculine, charismatic and overtly violent secret agent – he is the total opposite who continuously makes it in the face of cold-blood adversaries and in his attempt to save the world from imminent danger.

On the screens on 21 September, this fun and light-hearted movie makes for a great and humorous selection on a movie-outing with your friends and family.

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