Five things to add to your Joburg bucket list

It is no secret that Johannesburg is a city brimming with a lot of things to do, from mainstream activities such as clubbing to the more hidden boutique galleries where you get to meet world-renowned artists by chance. Whether you love the adrenaline-infused outdoor adventure or a quiet and laid-back city experience, the City of Gold has something for you and you just have to yield to the call of the concrete jungle.

Check out City Buzz’s top five things to add to your Joburg bucket list:

  1. Skate the City

City Skate Tours exhibit a unique twist to tours of Joburg by offering Joburgers the opportunity to explore the City on skateboards. The skateboard tours offer unique and exciting skateboarding tours of the inner city where riders get the opportunity to learn about the City’s history and culture while kick-pushing through its streets.

  1. Conquer Ponte City

Towering over the Jozi skyline, Ponte City is a notable feature of the inner city and perhaps one of the many mysterious places in Joburg. Once the home of monied urban dwellers, it became a haven for crime, and a home for desperate refugees, however, it is now an upgraded and vibrant space housing the Ponte City Experience, guided tours which take you on a history lesson of one of Joburg’s mysterious buildings.

  1. Bungee jump off the Orlando Towers

For less than an hour’s drive, you can find yourself in one of Gauteng’s iconic landmarks, the Orlando Towers. The historical energy silos now offer an opportunity for adrenaline junkies to bungee jump in a safe and fun way.

  1. A day out at Gold Reef City

Nothing beats a day out in the amusement park no matter where you are. Open 24 hours a day and on the outskirts of the CBD, Gold Reef City has something for everyone, from thrilling rides to world-class plays. A definite must-do for Joburgers.

  1. Walk through nature at the Melville Koppies

A part of the rugged Witwatersrand Ridge running across Joburg’s western and northern suburbs. The Melville Koppies are a nature reserve and provide a rare vantage point from where you can look out over the northern suburbs all the way to the Magaliesberg.

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