WATCH: Instravel sheds light on photogenic mass-tourism experience

Instatravel, a sarcastic copycat video making fun of people’s travels, has garnered over 250 000 views and has been shared countless times all over the internet. Created and edited by Oliver Kmia, the video slideshow shows that everyone takes the same Instagram travel photos.

“I came up with this idea last summer while visiting Rome. As I was walking toward the famous Trevi Fountain, I discovered that the plaza was full of people and couldn’t even manage to get close to the fountain. Hundreds of people were buzzing all around, some forming a huge line to take the perfect picture in front of the popular landmark. At the moment, I found this sight deplorable and ridiculous, yet, I was one of these tourists,” Kmia said.

The video is made out of a lot of Instagram travel photos that look alike and cover the typical Instagram tropes– the passport photo, the pretty girl leading you by the hand, the aeroplane wing, and all of the most iconic landmarks being photographed from the same old locations in the exact same way. Instatravel makes a good video to reference whenever you feel tempted to take cliché travel pictures.

Watch the video below:

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