PICS: Jozi creatives conquer youth market


South Africans are living in exciting times as artistic Africans help fellow Africans in the creative industry.

“I am delighted to see our own African brothers in creative companies reaching out to fellow budding creatives and stretching a hand to give them a lift in their businesses. This is gratifying,” said John Mdakane, a creative in the fashion industry in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Lady X, a songstress from the Eastern Cape, brings the house down with her music. Photo: Zanele Siso/Zanephoto

Mdakane was speaking during the showcase of the six Creative Conquerors from around Johannesburg at an exhibition of their work at Fox Junction in Jozi.

Lufuno Sethekge, or Ms Brown as she is known, exhibits some of her famous hairstyles. Photo: Zanele Siso/Zamephoto

Hosted by hair product company, Stylin’ Dredz, the exhibition was meant to sell the products of these creatives to the youth of Joburg as one step in taking their creative work to another level. And the Creative Conquerors literally conquered the youth market, as they arrived in their droves to witness the exhibition.

This photo of an incredible hairstyle is one of the many works by talented photographer Lee-Roy Jason. Photo: Zanele Siso/Zanephoto

Mdakane, one of the youthful victims of the creative conquest, praised the works of the selected conquerors, which included David Tshabalala, a graphic designer who has sold some of his work to leading retailer, Mr Price, and said the exhibition will open more doors for them.

Khetsiwe Morgan, better known as DJ Doo Wap, mesmerises with her mixes and deck antics. Photo: Zanele Siso/Zanephoto

Other creatives whose work was on display were the talented songstress Lady X, who brought the house down with her jazz music; while Oscar Ncube of Dry Bone, who turns old leather items into new designs, received a standing ovation for his resuscitated leather jackets from the ‘dry bones’.

David Tshabalala, a creative graphic designer, has previously sold his works to leading retailer, Mr Price. Photo: Zanele Siso/Zanephoto

The other three were photographer Lee-Roy Jason, whose photographs hang in many a gallery in the city and elsewhere; while Khetsiwe Morgan, better known as DJ Woo Wap, mesmerised the audience with her mixes and deck antics.

Siya Cembi, a hairstylist from the Eastern Cape, styles Sana Bonokoane at the Creative Conquerors exhibition. Photo: Zanele Siso/Zanephoto

Hair and wardrobe stylist Lufuno Sethekge, or Ms Brown as she is known, exhibited some of her famous hairstyles to the amazement of the audience. “I am glad to have been part of those Creative Conquerors that captured the hearts of the youth,” she said after the exhibition.

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