Fake banknotes at Sassa pay- points


The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) believes there is a group of criminals conducting fraudulent operations around its pay points and dispensing fake notes to grant recipients.

This follows a call from Sassa asking all social grant beneficiaries receiving their money at the pay points to verify their money prior to exiting the pay points.

Nandi Mosia, spokesperson for Sassa Gauteng, urged grant recipients to always be alert for scams being operated by criminally-minded people around the pay points to ensure they don’t fall victim.

She urged recipients to avoid fraudulent activities at pay points by checking the validity of the notes and counting their money before leaving the pay point.

If there is any suspicion about the notes issued, Mosia encouraged the recipients to immediately report this to the help desk official and open a fraud case with the police.

She also urged beneficiaries to check if the money said to have been dispensed on the receipt equals the payout they receive. They should also keep the receipts of the grant payments in a safe place.

Grant recipients must always compare their receipts with the money received before leaving the pay point and immediately report any complaints to the help desk official before they leave the pay point.

“We also urge them to be vigilant and keep their cards and pin numbers safe at all times and not to ask anyone to count their money for them,” she said.

Details: Nandi Mosia 011 241 8326; [email protected]

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Sipho Siso

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