#Helpfindk: Search for missing teen continues into Hillbrow

ON THE GROUND: MMC for Public Safety, Michael Sun says the search for the missing teen has intensified. Photo: Tshepiso Mametela

The search for the missing 13-year-old girl who was reportedly kidnapped in the inner city about three weeks ago continues following a raid on the infamous Cape York building by a joint law enforcement task team on 18 May.

A recent report alleging that the teen was kidnapped and being held at the illegally occupied building caught Joburg Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba and MMC for Public Safety, Michael Sun’s attention after the child’s parents approached a well-known radio station to plead for the safe return of their daughter on 18 May.

Speaking to City Buzz this morning, Sun said the raid on Cape York turned up no positives, however, officers would continue with their search attempts in the hope of finding the missing girl.

“[Metro police] officers are continuing with the search and look out for the young girl,” said Sun. “The information we have received since yesterday is that she, together with two other friends that speak the same language, were seen in the Hillbrow area. That is where our officers are being alerted and they will continue with the intensive look out for a young girl fitting that description.

“We also hope that more information will also come forward from the community to assist us in leading up to or even getting closer to the whereabouts of the young girl.”


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Tshepiso Mametela

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