Emerging artist, Dominic Neill, is on Deezer’s radar

MUSICAL MAN: Dominic Neill is an emerging Johannesburg-based musician who aims to achieve his teenage dream.

Traditional music promotion is out the window, as Deezer Next campaigns to promote the new and lesser heard local musicians.

Dominic Neill is a Johannesburg-based musician who has been working towards a music career since he was a teen.

“It started with musical theatre as a young child and then moved to learning instruments throughout my primary school years. I think I started writing at about 15 years of age and really started exploring piano at the time,” Neill explained.

Fortunately, he was later afforded the chance to take his passion and make it a reality by working with prominent international producers.

“I worked with a few people around the globe; from Jesse Porsches [who has worked with the prominent musician, Flume] who lives in Sydney to Pascal Reinhardt in Berlin. It’s always just such a rush, I think because you almost start creating immediately after meeting someone and that’s special and unpredictable.”

Now with an album titled Out of My League and 10 tracks, plus additional content, soon to make its way to the mainstream, Neill has been listed as one of Deezer’s four new emerging artists to promote.

Deezer is a music application that allows its users to stream music.

“Traditionally, streaming services have been a place where the ‘big’ artists in the world gain the most support and therefore garner the most streams and this is where the campaign #DeezerNextSA comes in. They’ve created a campaign that is geared to promote young, up-and-coming artists by giving us the platform to really create the same exposure for our music as an Ed Sheeran or Kendrick Lamar,” Neill explained.

Through this platform, he will be able to gain recognition for his international work and possibly achieve his dream of working with many more musicians and producers from countries across the globe.

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