Art auction at Origins to widen students’ access to education

FOR THE STUDENTS: The Wits Origins Centre, equipped with its new wing, will host an art auction to raise funds for Wits students' needs.

The chairperson of the council of Wits University Dr Randall Carolissen, and vice-chancellor and principal, Prof. Adam Habib, have planned an art auction named Widening the Doors of Learning and Expanding Students’ Access.

Carolissen and Habib, in support of widening access to higher education for students, have partnered with the Wits Division of Student Affairs on a capital campaign to establish a Student Affairs Fund.

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to an integrated approach to enhancing student learning and towards the assessing and strengthening of co-curricular programmes. It also recognises and values that successful student learning is most effective when students are able to make meaningful connections across their numerous educational experiences, whether curricular or co-curricular.

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With the recent increasing demand for funding faced by universities in South Africa, universities have had to come up with creative interventions in supporting students. The Division of Student Affairs has recognised a need to engage different stakeholders and partners in funding students in need of accommodation, tuition and any other student-related costs. The high levels of need have propelled Student Affairs to conceptualise and establish a sustainable fund in partnership with society to assist this very cohort of students.

On 25 May, Africa Day, the Student Affairs Fund will present the art auction at Origins Centre to officially launch the fund. The auction, which celebrates renowned artists, will see the auctioning of proudly African artworks. The launch of the Wits Student Affairs Fund is an innovative intervention in addressing students’ needs.

This momentous occasion will see a community of artists who have gained international and local attention, showcasing their pieces that encompass a variety of themes, techniques and styles.

Artists participating in the auction include Sandy Esau, George Meyer, Tendai Nhavira, Kervin Cupido, Patrick Mokahaune, F. Mano, Hermie Stipps, Kadzinga and Frank Ross.

By buying in art or making a donation, the public is investing in the future of Wits students.

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Details: Wits 011 717 9220

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