Aspiring filmmaker hopes to produce a political box office hit

PRODUCTION: Producing the film, Motherland, requires sponsorship and funding.


The film industry is a tough one to crack and proves its unforgiving nature time and again – a lesson that an aspiring filmmaker is currently learning the hard way.

“I am a 40-year-old man who has just completed a movie script entitled Motherland. I am therefore in search of a producer and funding to commission the movie,” said Ishmael Sithole, a local and hopeful filmmaker.

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Sithole, who is past his prime in the age-conscious filmmaking industry, decided in June last year that he wanted to produce his first film.

With many directors, producers, actors and scriptwriters approaching their 30s being turned away from the mainstream movie world, this man with a message is not deterred by his lack of sponsorship or age.

His story, he feels, is an important one that needs to be told – especially on this continent.

“It’s a social commentary especially about political issues in Africa.”

The script that Sithole hopes to acquire funding for is a story filled with anticipation and intrigue.

It follows the story of Dr Chamogo, who hopes to achieve his own personal goal of vengeance, regardless of the country and its people who live in fear of his rising dictatorship, despite fighting for their recently attained democracy. Heroine, Rachel Barita may be the country’s saviour as she rebels against the system to save the country.

With this story, Sithole hopes to speak to Africa regarding the power relations in politics.

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“I hope that the film [if produced] will achieve political awareness because people who have been put in a position of power should be responsible with that power.”

Sithole is in need of sponsorship and hopes that the public will assist in his efforts to make his movie dream come true.

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