Legendary DJ, Glen Lewis, entertains at pop-bar in Braam

THE MAN: Glen Lewis shows his music skills at the Glenfiddich Independent Bar in Braamfontein.

Glen Lewis, aka Glenzito, and former Metro FM DJ, has been invited to the Independent Bar in Braamfontein to play a slick set for the specially invited guests.

Lewis gained most of his fan following and fame from the shows he’s hosted over 22 years with SABC on Metro FM, but recently felt that it was time for him to leave the local broadcaster to explore something new in his career.

In March he announced that he would be joining a fellow DJ, T-Bo Touch, on his internet radio channel Touch HD.

Lewis, despite leaving his FM radio fans behind, has still received great support on the alternative radio channel, which is broadcast on the internet – and now, through an app.

As DJ and producer, Lewis is the perfect person to set the mood at the Glenfiddich Independent Bar in Braamontein on a very special day – World Whiskey Day on 20 May.

Having pioneered the mid-tempo, deep-house music trend at the end of the 20th century, his music offers fans something to dance to at the luxurious and exclusive – by invitation only – Independent Bar.

His fans are ecstatic to see him perform at the bar this weekend; having already secured their invitations to the spot, which will only be open until the end of June.


You may be wondering how this bar is different from any other, and that is answered by the first-of-its-kind biometric technology that creates your drink based on your personal information.

“It was very nice – I had a personalised cocktail. You walk in and they make your cocktail, but the way it’s made actually depends on how you say your name,” explained an anonymous guest at the Independent Bar.

Glenfiddich brand ambassador Quintin Denyssen described the ambience at the bar as a ‘bespoke experience’ and a place where guests are able to free the spirit.

Get your hands on an invitation or miss out.

Details: www.glenfiddich.com/za/independent-bar

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Racine Edwardes

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