Johannesburg Girls’ Preparatory in winter mode with Pyjama Day

COSY: Johannesburg Girls' Preparatory School in Berea teachers Milena Mandlazi, Chandre Jardine and Avril Vlotman at the school's annual Pyjama Day.


In the name of fun and camaraderie, the Johannesburg Girls’ Preparatory School in Berea, Johannesburg held their third annual Pyjama Day on 3 May.

“Pyjama Day started in 2015 after management threw some ideas around with the aim of initiating a fundraising initiative at the school that could be fun and that everyone could partake in, including teachers,” said school deputy principal, Dina Scalzullo.

“With winter fast approaching, the school thought it would be nice to don our pyjamas for an entire day.”

SEA OF PINK: Children get into winter gear as they don their onesies, stretch-knits and slippers in celebration of Pyjama Day at Johannesburg Girls’ Preparatory School in Berea.

There was a sea of pink as more than 1 200 children from the pre-preparatory phase through to Grade 7 and 60 staff members took to showcasing their most outrageously cute onesies, stretch-knits and cartoon character slippers. “The kids loved it. Academically, all was conducted as per normal. Discipline wasn’t affected – yes they were a little bit more excited… they wanted to see whose wearing what, some of them were wearing the exact same pyjamas. However, they were in a happy mood and equally enthusiastic, especially with seeing their teachers [in pyjamas].”

Scalzullo added that a day such as this acts as an essential instrument in strengthening the bond between educators at the school. “We see it as a team builder for the teachers, and we love it. However, since teachers weren’t too enthusiastic, a ‘swap-a-thon’ was conducted, where teachers across different grades swapped various pyjama items with each other.”

In addition, Pyjama Day is seen as a means of raising school funds. “The Pyjama Day is also for purposes of fundraising for the school for various undertakings such as sporting equipment and other necessary resources.”

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