Kwesta handpicked to join the Red Heart Rum Crew along with other top South Africans

Award-winning hip-hop artist Kwesta has been handpicked to be part of the Red Heart Rum Crew and joins the ranks of top South Africans excelling in their field.

Kwesta will join pro-skater Jean-marc Johannes, ex-Springbok rugby player Breyton Paulse, pioneering graffiti artist Falko One and expert innovators Fixn’ Diaries.

The Red Heart Rum Crew sets a series of challenges for top South Africans.

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Kwesta’s Red Heart challenge was to create a new track with a catchy beat and hook, using three words pulled from a hat. Kwesta, a keen poet in high school, proved his skills with a fun track featuring the words gymnastics, Soweto and ten-pin bowling.

Marketing manager for Pernod Ricard rum, Triya Govender said, “Read Heart is all about rallying people to live with heart and we want to champion those who do. We are proud to be associated with Kwesta and are delighted with the success of the show.

“It’s qualities like these that showed why Kwesta was selected as a member of the Red Heart crew along with other outstanding talents and influences other South Africans to live with heart.”

Kwesta said, “To make it and stay at the top, one has to be brave enough to be this spontaneous. No one ever gets what they want waiting around in their comfort zones. The People’s Choice Awards is what it’s all about – living with heart and giving my fans moments that they’ll never forget!”

Edited by Stacey Woensdregt

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Jessica Knibbs

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