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Let’s be honest, even the most health conscious among us need a good chocolate fix every now and then.

Chrissy Beedle, executive manager of research and product development at Slo-Jo, shares some of the latest chocolate trends, and how to feed your chocolate urges and addictions this Easter – without inducing a chocolate coma.

  • Put some chocolate in it. From Freezos to Mochas and chocolate-laced milkshakes; even global favourites such as Ferro Rocher are being recreated locally by combining chocolate powder and hazelnut syrup topped with crumbs of the delectable little chocolate balls
  • Experiment with different flavours. Creative flavours that are trending this winter include Choc Chilli, Choc Orange and the upcoming favourite, Green Matcha, which is often combined with chocolate to make a choco-licious Choc Matcha
  • Health-conscious chocoholics. Cacao – not to be confused with cocoa – is considered a super food and the purest form of chocolate. It is used increasingly in desserts, smoothies and even breakfast dishes as a guilt-free way to indulge in the good stuff at any time of the day
  • Eco-friendly indulgence. There is a big market for organic and sustainably produced products, such as cacao nibs – which are simply cacao beans chopped up into edible pieces
  • Yummy chocolate alternatives. Carob chips are emerging as a popular and healthy substitute for chocolate, with a flavour and texture profile similar to chocolate. They’re also suitable for vegan diets and good for your health too
  • Artisanal treats. Aside from the store-bought varieties that are more readily available, many foodies are opting for more premium chocolate brands and products for a more authentic and unique taste experience.

Get your chocolate fix any way you can this Easter and these tips will help you out.

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