Michael Lowman is back with a new album

MUSICAL MAN: Michael Lowman aims to make it in the music industry with his unique brand of music.

As an independent musician, it may take more effort to make his mark in the music industry, but this muso is willing to put in the work to make unique and perfectly produced tunes.

Michael Lowman has spent more than 10 years building his career in the music industry and doing as much as he can to learn as much as possible to put into his music for the enjoyment of real music lovers. Having discovered his passion for music through the inexplicable desire to play the violin at age six, as well as through this shared interest with his parents, Lowman was able to build on this love for music and nurture it to make it his career, as it is today.

“My earliest memory is listening to music with my parents, so I just grew up loving it and being a massive fan of music. From the beginning, it was The Beatles and [Eric] Clapton, then I grew up and discovered new music,” he explained.

Captivated by it as a youngster, he shared a little-known story from his childhood. “When I was young, I was convinced I was psychic. I kept telling my mom that I know songs – that I’d never heard – and I know what part is coming next. Obviously, I realised that I just had an ear for music because parts led into the next and that’s why you have a chorus and structure is structure.”

Although he gave up the violin in pursuit of ‘cooler’ music, he was still clear about his dream and despite moving from Durban to Johannesburg, he still opted to study music after school and later took a leap of faith to actively write and produce music.

In the years since, he gained entry into jazz music, began posting videos of himself performing on YouTube during his tertiary years and as a result decided to drop out to work on his craft in Los Angeles. “That year-and-a-half in LA was just open mic nights at bars and coffee shops – hustle and hard work,” he said.

He experienced a great deal overseas and was able to write and record an EP titled In My Own Words, which garnered a great response from American fans.

Returning to South Africa to pay his dues, he was forced to build a new fan following and start from the bottom once more, trying things out and learning a great deal while creating Crayon Boxes. He later decided to work on his music independently, to produce an album what he wanted to be called, PopRadio.

Now available for purchase at gigs, on iTunes and Android, PopRadio is described by the muso as a pop sound with jazz and hip-hop influences. He worked on a number of collaborations on the album including one with rapper Khuli Chana and it’s an album not to be missed.

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