#BraamParkFire: MMC of Public Safety Michael Sun has warned motorists to avoid Braampark following a fire

Braampark building on fire.

Numbers of people are currently being forced to evacuate a building which is currently on fire.  At this point it is uncertain what started the fire.

According to Varushka Padayachi, who works opposite the building,  the top floors of the building are totally burnt, and the fire is now out.  Padayachi added that she had not seen any fire truck, “There might have been more Emergency Services on the other side of the building though, just didn’t see from this side,” she said.

Smoke from burning building in Braampark.


Firefighters on scene at the #BraamParkFire. Photo: Nduduzo Nxumalo.

Synock Matobako, Spokesperson for City of Johannesburg’s Emergency Management Services confirmed that the fire started on the top floor and the building had been evacuated.  the cause of the fire is still unkmown and an investigation will be done.

Nobody has been injured.

Firefighters on scene. Photo: Nduduzo Nxumalo.


Building on fire in Braampark.




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