Outa joins call to remove Zuma

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) has joined the call for South Africans to march for the removal of President Jacob Zuma.

The organisation said it encourages its supporters and the general public to join peaceful public protests around the country on Friday 7 April.

Civil society groups, unions, opposition parties and religious groups have all joined this call with a march planned for 10 000 people at Mary Fitzgerald Square organised by the Democratic Alliance.

“We encourage the public to establish what’s happening in their towns and cities and to join the protests in solidarity with millions of South Africans who are concerned about the country’s future under Zuma’s leadership, particularly following his irrational and damaging cabinet reshuffle.

“Jacob Zuma must go. It’s as simple as that. He has pushed the envelope too far this time. He is damaging our economy and the longer he stays in power, the more difficult it will be for our economy to recover,” Wayne Duvenage, chairperson of Outa said.

Outa further encouraged South Africans to gather at Church Square in Pretoria on Friday or take to the streets outside their places of work from noon.

According to Section 17 of Chapter 2 of Constitution’s The Bill of Rights, everyone has the right, peacefully and unarmed, to assemble to demonstrate, to picket and to present petitions.

But gatherings (more than 15 people) can be held, pending approval from your local authority in Joburg, the Metro police.

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Chantelle Fourie

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