Former employees of Ace Parking Services protest over sudden termination of employment

Dozens of former Ace Parking Services employees have gathered outside Herman Mashabas offices to protest the sudden termination of their employment.

Lebogang Phanyeko, the Johannesburg coordinator of the Outsourcing Must Fall movement said, “Workers have had their work terminated and they have lost their jobs and there was no warning and that is why we are frustrated.”

Metro police were around to monitor the crowd

According to Phanyeko, a meeting was due to take place at 2pm this afternoon with a city official but the meeting was cancelled.

It’s very funny because the man here in power today said he would create jobs and now he’s cutting jobs. It’s very contrary to when he was campaigning.”

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A former Ace Parking Services employee,  Khathushelo Sikhwetha, who has been employed by Ace since 2014 said, “They told us on Tuesday last week and it came as a surprise to us, we were not aware that something like that would happen.”

According to Sikhwetha, the official contract ended in 2015 but employees carried on working on a monthtomonth basis, with Ace allegedly taking 27.5 per cent of the commission earned .

“I would like to see Herman Mashaba allow us to continue, to give us a certain period to continue with this. We don’t want to be under an agent, we want to be under the City,” added Sikhwetha.


Laura Pisanello

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