Executive Mayor of Joburg, Herman Mashaba, aims to restore law and order in the inner city

Joburg Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba, waits to give his address at the 2016/17 annual general meeting of the City's entities at Joburg Theatre on 16 March.


In light of possible violent protest action by the Joburg Social Movement (consisting of NGOs, businesses and co-operative forums) at Metro Centre in Braamfontein on 16 March, Joburg Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba, delivered his address at the annual general meeting of the City’s entities, held at Joburg Theatre.

The meeting was an effort by the City’s administration to look into the progress made by the office of the mayor since the end of the 2015/16 financial year and also outlined its intended roadmap towards revitalising much of the inner city. Mashaba began his address by indicating that last year’s election outcome was an indication of the City of Joburg’s clear political re-alignment [following decades of ANC rule].

“The residents of the City saw fit to elect a government that is made up of many different parties, [and] while some may believe that this arrangement is cumbersome, I believe that this administration has a strategic advantage which we must leverage in order to drive the city forward,” Mashaba said.

Following these sentiments, the mayor spoke at length about reinvigorating service delivery within the inner city and rooting out rampant corruption on the part of City officials. Mashaba vowed to obliterate corruption on all levels and restore confidence in the City’s administration. “If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it is that we all wish to see Johannesburg transformed into a city that is ripe with opportunities for all our people.

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“We want a government free of corruption, we want quality services delivered to our residents, and we want clean, inclusive and safe communities for all our people to live in. Working together we can achieve all of these objectives,” he announced.

Speaking on ways in which the desired changes can be attained, the mayor reiterated that it was time for a shift in thinking from ‘a place of conducting business as usual, to a time for conducting business unusual’.

“The new administration will find ways of overhauling service delivery through the appropriate prioritisation of the City’s needs, the increase of internal efficiency and the promotion of innovation and ensuring responsive governance,” he said.

Candidly pointing to a number of socio-economic challenges faced by residents of the City, Mashaba said inadequate housing, migration issues, bylaw infringement and widespread corruption were among the most severe. “The potential of our inner city has been held back by allowing years of lawlessness and crime and grime in abandoned buildings [that remain] unattended,” Mashaba said.

“It is estimated that over 100 000 people are illegally occupying abandoned buildings in the inner city,” he added.

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However, in proffering possible solutions, the mayor outlined that a new plan for the City needs to be uncovered, indicating that the plan should be aimed at attending to residents’ most pressing needs, much of which will be fully expressed at the City’s upcoming 2017/2018 budget.

In conclusion, Mashaba said that it was a great honour to serve as mayor of the city. He called on the broader Joburg community to answer the call by joining the cause towards making the city great again.

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Tshepiso Mametela

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