Voices of Joburg – Witsies fight with pillows

READY TO FIGHT: Wits observes an annual pillow fight for the enjoyment of the Witsies.

Having met a particular Wits student, City Buzz engaged in a conversation that resulted in the revelation of some epic information about the Joburg-based university.

The Witsie, who wished not to be named, told City Buzz about the exciting event held each year on the Wits University campus where feathers fly and testosterone-driven mayhem is the aim of the game – it’s the annual Wits Pillow Fight.

The Witsie graduated in 2013 with his Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and South African Sign Language – but more exciting than his graduation was the annual pillow fight event.

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“It used to happen every year and it was an event that everyone could get psyched for because everyone can take part in it and have fun and interact with each other,” the Witsie explained enthusiastically.

He went on to elaborate on his idea of what the event aimed to achieve – allowing the people of the university to destress and enjoy their time before exams.

“Everything is provided – which are the pillows – and it takes place on the library lawn during lunch time around the middle of the last semester. It’s a war zone of masses of people and feathers, and no one gets hurt or interferes with anyone else – it’s like the recreational activity of a utopian society.”

Reminiscing on some fond memories of the days he enjoyed during his university years, he shared some particular memories with City Buzz.

“There are just people running around and trying to steal each other’s pillows, so that they have one in each hand, and this continues until people leave for lectures. There’s this image that resonates in my head of this one guy who ripped off his shirt during the pillow fight to reveal a T-shirt underneath, which read, ‘I gymmed for this day’ and it was epic.”

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Racine Edwardes

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