Youngsters amaze at school Lego exhibition

To celebrate the recent introduction of the science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (Steam) ideology, Auckland Park Preparatory School hosted its first-ever Lego exhibition which formed part of its introduction.

“All members of the school community were invited to build and display a creation made from Lego,” explained Kate Becker, the school’s secretary. According to her, the eager exhibitors poured into the school to display their work.

Also invited to the exhibition were the exhibitors’ parents who marvelled at the various creations on display.

Aimee Rosmarin, who is in Grade 7, displays her Lego design. Photo: Supplied.

To create the unique pieces, schoolchildren used their own Lego sets and were asked to build static exhibitions which would form part of the design process studied in Steam.

“They also did moving exhibitions which is part of the engineering side of Steam,” said Becker.

She added that the hall was filled with Lego trucks, elf houses, fairy gardens, boats, water wheels, bird cages, remote-controlled cars and robotic snakes.

“The atmosphere was electric, and much fun was had by all at the Lego exhibition. We are hoping to make the exhibition an annual event,” concluded Becker.

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Neo Phashe

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