Who qualifies for rebates?

Are you over 60. Do you own a heritage property, residential sectional title or vacant land? Or are you a minor heading a household? You qualify for a property rates rebate from the City of Joburg.

Veli Hlope, the City’s deputy director for policy and revenue enhancement, said some property owners receive rebates automatically, but others have to apply for them. “Business or commercial properties do not qualify for rebates,” he said.

Pensioners older than 60 whose property is valued under R2 million qualify for rebates. Furthermore, if you are dependent on a national pension grant, you receive a 100 per cent rebate. If your monthly earnings are less that R8 234, you also get a 100 per cent rebate. And if your monthly earnings are over R8 234 but less than R14 116, you get a 50 per cent rebate. Housing development schemes for retirees qualify for a 50 per cent rebate.

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Other rebates:

  • If you own a residential sectional title within a high-density development area, you can apply for a maximum of 100 per cent monthly rebates. The requirements for this rebate will be amended in the new draft rates policy
  • If you own a heritage property, you qualify for a maximum of 20 per cent monthly rebate
  • Any institution undertaking the protection of animals, like the SPCA, qualifies for a 100 per cent monthly rebate
  • Vacant land outside the urban development boundary, after application, can get a maximum 50 per cent monthly rebate
  • Child-headed households with properties valued under R2 million owned by either the child, a terminally-ill parent or deceased estate of the parent qualifies for a 100 per cent rebate upon application
  • Property owners who have a limited income and whose property is valued at less than R450 000 can apply for rebates
  • Owners within an area affected by a natural disaster qualify for a 100 per cent monthly rebate
  • Registered social landlords qualify for a 40 per cent rebate
  • New building developments within the Corridors of Freedom, in line with approved frameworks, will pay only 25 per cent of the rates of the category of the property for two years during construction.

The City also offers the Expanded Social Package for its most vulnerable citizens, with rates, water and electricity rebates on properties valued at less than R450 000.

Working-age South African citizens, a pensioner on a State pension, or an unemployed adult between 18 and 59 years old qualify for this package. You must, however, earn less than R5 308.20, an amount that changes every November; and must have proof of residence, a letter of confirmation from a local councillor or affidavit from the local police station. These benefits are applied for and renewed every six months at your nearest customer service centre.

Residents have until 21 February to comment by faxing to 086 447 7567 or via email to [email protected], [email protected]

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