Five years of singing on the balcony

PERFORMING: Shortstraw headlines the celebratory events for BalconyTV's fifth birthday.

For the past five years, music has met with the picturesque Johannesburg skyline on BalconyTV.

It was an astonishing five years ago that BalconyTV was introduced to the world – an online platform where music lovers could find great local South African music in a local setting and one that allows musicians to showcase their talents from the exciting Randlords venue, against the scenic backdrop of Johannesburg.

Now, this weekend, the BalconyTV crew has organised an exciting line-up of local artists to entertain the public at a number of the best Johannesburg venues.

Shortstraw, Go Barefoot and Johnny Cradle will be some of the performers to make their way to The Good Luck Bar for the first leg of the BalconyTV: Live celebrations event on 3 February.

On 4 February, the party will move to Randlords where visitors can catch The Motherland, Jeremy Oliver and The Sextons, among others, performing each of their unique tunes.

FUN AND MUSIC: The Sextons join an exciting line-up of performances this week at Randlords.

FUN AND MUSIC: The Sextons join an exciting line-up of performances this week at Randlords.

Bringing live local music to the internet is Julian von Plato, producer and founder of BalconyTV Johannesburg, who wanted his love for music and the artistry of video shooting to become a worldwide sensation – mission accomplished!

“When I started BalconyTV Johannesburg five years ago, I just wanted to shoot cool videos for artists. Over the last five years it has grown so much thanks to our partners such as Marshall Music and Hunters; and seeing the success of videos such as Jeremy Loops and Medicine Boy has made it so worthwhile that now it really is a platform for artists to get noticed and discovered internationally,’ Von Plato explained.

This platform has kick-started a number of international careers and with the current success enjoyed by BalconyTV, the platform is sure to be around for many more years.

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Racine Edwardes

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