Extra workload will drive already overworked teachers into the ground

Education standards in our public schools have dropped, as evidenced by the poor pass rate.

President Jacob Zuma said there must be consequences for school management and principals who recorded

zero per cent pass rates. Accountability is a must, but are there enough resources to improve these schools’ pass rates and education levels?

My concern here, however, is the extra workload for teachers, what with the Department of Basic Education having partnered with the Road Traffic Infringement Agency to add driving lessons to the high school curriculum.

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters said the partnership would ensure that prospective drivers would become adequately skilled. I’m all for road safety and making sure future drivers are safe drivers, but with the problems we have in our education system, how will road safety be good for the education system?

The department should seriously look at issues that make pupils underperform before jumping the gun on road safety. Education is key to success, but if the focus shifts to something that is not really that important, at this moment, how will pupils succeed?

I’m not saying road safety is not important, but we must address the real problem in our education system, and piling up extra work for teachers and schoolchildren is not the answer. Education is important: what good is an experienced driver without a good education?

The department should really reconsider its planned move to introduce driving lessons in high schools. How will this benefit a child who potentially won’t even have or buy a car in the future?

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Busi Vilakazi

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