Ashlinn Gray releases new single

MEMORIES: Singer, Ashlinn Gray, looks back on past years and looks forward to 19 years of an exciting life.

Move over Taylor Swift, 22 is out and we’re all feeling Nineteen.

Independent musician, Ashlinn Gray, is tackling the music industry with only the help of a few industry friends and is on a productive path that has led her to release her newest single, Nineteen.

Released on 2 September, Gray told City Buzz a little more about the new song she’s excited for the world to hear, in a short Q&A.

Q. What does Nineteen mean to you?

A. Nineteen is about making the most of a seemingly insignificant year and not leaving the kid inside behind. I’ve never looked forward to the age of 19 and I realised it was because society doesn’t have any expectations of that year which made it seem so insignificant. So as a challenge to myself, I wanted to make it a year where I really chased my dreams, with childlike faith. Sometimes we have to chase our dreams the way we used to chase paper planes.

Q. Who did you work with on the song?

A. I worked with Jake Odendaal and Simeon Kriel on the songwriting and Jake also produced the song.

Q. Did the lyrics and melody come easy?

A. The verses and bridge came really easy but we really battled with finding the right chorus melody. I think we went through five versions till we reached the one you’ll hear on the track. It’s hard work, but in my mind it was worth it.

Q. What response do you hope to get from fans?

A. I really hope they enjoy this pop side of my music. Following your dreams and making the most of insignificant years is something everyone can relate to. Everyone can relate to feeling insignificant, and I really hope whoever listens to it, is encouraged to start believing in the dreams inside of them and go for it.

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