Gospel songbird sings for peace

ON AIR: Busi Mahlaba, gospel singer, talks on radio about bringing peace to Africa through her music.

Busi Mahlaba is setting South Africa on a path of peace with the release of her second album.

The gospel songstress expresses a number of her views in her music, from communicating beyond language barriers through music to bringing peace into Africa. “I titled my album Peace in Africa because I wanted to send a strong message to Africans,” Mahlaba started.

“Peace in Africa is a song that is composed in different African languages including a Nigerian language (called Ibo) and I wanted the song itself to indicate and act as an example that we are one. Killing one another is not right. We are all Africans and should love one another. Africa is for Africans,” said the songbird.

Her latest offering is not a full-length album and only features eight tracks which made the cut, however, the content in each of her songs speaks not of quantity, but rather quality in conveying the message which she is trying to deliver across African borders.

“I would like to thank the radio stations that are already playing my music and those that are giving me a platform.

“I have already heard my songs several times on big radio stations such as Lesedi FM, Ikwekwezi, Thobela FM and other community radio stations and believe that my Gospel will eventually reach the whole country since I made this album for people,” she said.

Since breaking into mainstream airplay, she has had her songs play on additional stations including Alex FM and Hillbrow Radio. She has also shared the stage with a number of public icons and looks to the future to bring more collaborations and partnerships to her music, and even to get gospel to feature more prominently in commercial spaces.

“So far I have shared the stage with Gospel legends such as Lundi, Matlakala, Roselina and Lusanda. I really enjoy being around those who travelled this road of gospel… because I learn a lot from them,” she concluded.

Details: Busi Mahlaba Peace in Africa on Facebook; [email protected]

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