Rejuvenating the inner-city one building at a time

IN CHARGE: Solly Ramalamula, managing director of Take Shape Properties, rejuvenates the inner-city.

Solly Ramalamula, managing director of Take Shape Properties, is cleaning up the city and creating jobs by providing affordable housing solutions.

Take Shape Properties is a company that specialises in managing a number of buildings in the city, in addition to rejuvenating and transforming inner-city buildings through construction.

The company has transformed more than eight buildings and provides management for over 38 residential properties, but what’s most impressive is the work that the company’s owner is currently doing on a historical building in the Johannesburg CBD.

Ramalamula recently bought the Hollywood Centre building on the corner of Nugget and Helen Joseph streets in the City of Gold, however, this area is no longer golden.

The historical building was once used to manufacture mannequins and now the large-scale building renovation company is well on its way to transforming the building into affordable housing.

One of the main concerns of the investor is related to the safety of his tenants at the building and he wants to make sure that the high level of theft and the conditions brought about by a neighbouring brothel do not affect those who live in his building.

While Ramalamula has security guards monitoring his building, he is ready to meet with surrounding building owners to figure out how to improve the area. “We want to make it a safer corner and we’re doing our part to rejuvenate the inner-city.”

In addition, the company takes on bigger projects in order to create jobs for the unemployed masses. “We look for the properties that require a full refurbishment or conversion because we want to take pride in making a difference,” Ramalamula continued.

“If we get a building that needs a lot of work then we can also create jobs.”

The Take Shape Properties owner is looking out not only for himself but the tenants of his buildings and the people for whom he can provide jobs.

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Racine Edwardes

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