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AT RES: City Buzz lists the student essentials for when you move into a student res such as South Point Accommodation.

Student Village is a platform that assists students with everything – from job searches to finding internship programmes and even blogs that deal with relevant student issues such as the reaction to Rihanna’s new Work music video.

The online students’ hub is soon to release the results of a Res Room Research Piece at their annual Y!CON 2016 conference in Johannesburg on 17 March.

Ahead of the release, City Buzz wants you to check out our own list of the 10 must-have dorm room items for 2016 – aside from the usual bedding, toiletries, cutlery and clothes, obviously.

  • Every student must have a few packets of noodles for those quick and filling meals before class.
  • Panado is essential for those long hours of lectures and longer hours in the library afterwards.
  • A battery bank with multiple ports will get you through any situation. Whether you need to charge your phone, laptop or camera, this little device is the answer.
  • If you live in a commune, you need shower flops to avoid catching athlete’s foot or any other fungal infections.
  • A flask can hold not only your water or juice but also your brain-boosting smoothies.
  • Study snacks are super important to get the sparks going and help you focus on important information.
  • A USB-laptop nightlight is important for those nights when you’re working in the dark or battling through the dreaded load shedding.
  • Headphones can drown out the sound of noisy neighbours throughout the day and allow you to watch your series in immersive sound.
  • A desktop or diary organiser is essential to ensure that you don’t miss lectures or appointments.
  • Your cellphone is important for setting alarms and keeping up with student affairs among other things. Keep it safe because things often go missing varsity.

Details: www.studentvillage.co.za

Racine Edwardes

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