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SPECIAL: Unique drinks are featured on the exclusive Gentleman's Arthouse menu.

Newtown is known for its newly-built mall, Newtown Junction; its historical museum, Museum Africa; and for the place which brought South African jazz to life, Bassline, but soon it will be known for what’s on offer at Gentleman’s Arthouse.

According to foodie website, Eat Out, it is set to be a private club kind of place where guests can escape the daily grind of life to experience a fantasy kind of theatre of food, cocktails and art.

“The drinks are a bit naughty – that’s how we want them to feel anyway – served in antique glasses. Even the food will be served in whatever piece of ‘antiquery’ we think is appropriate,” said the venue’s excited chef, Janelle Pieterse.

“I’ve been working on dishes such as stuffed marrowbone, pressed springbok and a bay leaf crème anglaise. The food is largely going to be slow braised, a celebration of old and new Joburg, and the desserts are very, very theatrical.”

The art of drinking is one of the main focuses of the club and an exclusive menu of unique cocktails will impress guests.

Gentleman’s Arthouse is located across the road from the Market Theatre in a heritage building built in 1911 – so not only can guests appreciate the artsy food and drinks, but the rich history of the space too.

The art collection featured is that of some of the greatest artists in history, including William Kentridge.

Maira Koutsoudakis, CEO of the Life Group of Companies, which includes the Life Grand Cafés, said, “It’s fabulous and over the top. Just think of something like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – and women, of course. It’s for eccentric hipsters.”


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