Industrial-style picnic in the city

Photo: Viewography SWING SENSATION: Lets Swing It takes place on 9 April at Carfax in Newtown.

Let’s Swing It is back in the city and soon to be in full swing.

This monthly event is always 20s Swing-themed or 50s Rockabilly-themed so that guests can really get into the swing of things with a rocking set up.

Host of the event and resident DJ at Carfax, Michael Lesar, explained the inspiration behind the themed events.

“[It’s] a monthly event dedicated to the many facets of swing music and its culture celebrating fashion, dance and fusing 1930s swing music with modern dirty basslines.”

The event, which is set to take place on 9 April at Carfax, will be the first of the year and it comes with a twist.

The side street, which falls within the vicinity of the Carfax venue, will be transformed from an urban, industrial setting into a family-friendly picnic spot where each group can bring their baskets and blankets and enjoy some great music by the resident DJs and their musically-inclined friends.

Children, parents, grandparents and even great-grandchildren are encouraged to get into the spirit of swing and don their best 20s- or 50s-inspired outfits to take part in the festivities of the day, and even stand a chance to win exciting prizes on the day.

There will also be gourmet food on sale at the event for those who aren’t keen on taking a picnic basket, and a secure arts and crafts kids play area with loads to keep the little ones busy including face painting, jumping castles, puppet shows and sand art.

The aim of the day, however, is not to win prizes, but rather to get the chance to spend quality time with the family and listen to some great old school music while you’re at it.

What more could you want for you and your family?


Racine Edwardes

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