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WELCOME: Selby is a quiet part of town on the outskirts of Joburg and it has lots to offer.

Selby occupies the space on the southern side of Johannesburg, and while it may not be one of the most popular destinations in the city, it is populated with a diverse range of businesses.

City Buzz thought it a good idea to let you in on three facts that you didn’t know about Selby – because we didn’t know them either.

IN EGYPT: Find the pyramids in Selby.

IN EGYPT: Find the pyramids in Selby.

  • Selby was named after Henry Selby Msimang who was more commonly known as Selby. His political career started in 1912 when he became a founding member of the South African Native National Congress, which later became known as the ANC. Although he was born in the then-Natal, he ended up in Johannesburg where he performed a number of political duties, including that of labour advisor and a member of the Joint Council for Europeans and Bantu.
  • If you’re ever looking to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids, you need not travel further than Selby in Johannesburg. Selby has its very own piece of Egypt, known as The Pyramid Conference and Venue Centre. It has an authentic-looking Egyptian exterior, equipped with some of the best conference and spa venues inside – a true escape.
  • Legendary party venue, MiHouse in Selby, hosted its very first street party on 27 January and it was such a success that there are talks of another.
  • Selby may not seem like much, but with a number of interesting and attractive venues in the neighbourhood, it could just be your next favourite hangout.
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