Meet Joburg’s finest future chocolatiers

DELICIOUS: Faizel Klaasen makes chocolate cigars.

Sponsored by Belgian chocolate producers, Beyers, the creators of Callebaut chocolate, the school is pioneering new frontiers in making chocolate dishes.

“Beyers will be the sponsors of our new chocolate lab and we are partnering with them in a whole new chocolate project,” said Chef Deanna Jansen, teacher at JCPS.

The gentlemen completed the patisserie course at JCPS last year and are currently in their second year at the school.

They also receive guidance and mentoring from world-class chocolatiers at Beyers and even from a seasoned professional at The Chocolate Academy in Dubai.

“Our ultimate goal is to take them to the World Chocolate Masters and have them enter the competition because South Africa is not yet represented there,” said co-owner of JCPS, Jarlyne Joel.

The aspirations of the teachers are not all that matters, as Klaasen explained that without passion for what they’re doing, the young chocolatiers would have never made it to the point at which they are today.

“I would have been gone a long time ago if I didn’t have the aspiration to be a chef,” he said.

“It’s not difficult to learn about, it just needs a lot of practise,” said Masinya.

While preparation of the food may take focus and hard work, for the chocolatiers it can also be a challenge to resist the temptation of the world-class chocolate that surrounds them every day.

“I must eat more than 500 grams of chocolate each day that I’m here because you won’t find chocolate of this quality at the shop,” Masinya said.

Spending a full nine-hour day at the school makes this qualification a full-time job, but their motivation and love for preparing delectable dishes is what is taking them to the World Chocolate Masters.

Details:; www.jcps

Racine Edwardes

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