Help Sneakers 4 Change to assist underprivileged children

Photo: Supplied KIND HEART: Sneakers 4 Change will launch a new awareness campaign in February called #SpareUrSpareSneakers in order to donate shoes to the Twilight Children's Home in Hillbrow.

Sneakers 4 Change was started by Sibusiso Calvin Zulu, Mandla Melody Khumalo and Mogau Hector Dibakoane early last year and is completely self-funded by its hard-working, dedicated members.

These youngsters were inspired by the growing social and economic culture of sneakers in and around the world and aim to help those who are less fortunate by calling on the public to donate new or used wearable sneakers.

In February, Sneakers 4 Change will launch a new awareness campaign, #SpareUrSpareSneakers. Sneakers donated by people in the collect-and-give drive will then be donated to the children of the Twilight Children’s Home in Hillbrow. The team will also raise funds in order to donate money to other facilities such as adult education centres by selling stickers and having a hamper giveaway. Donation boxes will be placed at local recreation centres so those wanting to help can drop off the shoes.

“Commonly, there is a lack of understanding about how much physiological and psychological discomfort one can experience by not having anything on their feet. The need for footwear is undermined,” stated Zulu.

Anyone who is willing to donate or feels that they can aid the initiative is urged to contact the team.

Details: [email protected];

Twitter: @sneakers4change

Victoria Taylor

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