Men Make Dinner Day

Photo: Pinterest WHATS COOKING GOOD LOOKING: The first Thursday of November is officially Men Make Dinner Day. Ladies, kick back, relax and let the man in your life cook up something fancy.

This day is aimed at the guys who never cook and it even has its own website , which tells you the rules of participating in the day and suggests a few easy-peasy recipes to get you going.

Basically, men have to cook for the household on this day, without a woman helping out, and for some reason, braai’s are not considered cooking – sorry lads.

In light of this, we decided to track down the cutest, most hilarious #MenMakeDInnerDay pictures we could find:

Its going down! Thats my #gameface #menmakedinner #familytime #frozen #sven #olaf #chefwannabe

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