J.Bobs is in the house

THE MAN: J. Bobs plays hype man, rapper, rastafarian and poet in J. Bobs Live.

J. Bobz and his entourage presented the small crowd at the theatre with a lot to think about regarding the state of popular music and popular culture in the world at the moment.

The audience was welcomed into the studio with the music and rap skills of J. Bobs himself, who rapped an original song with lyrics that relate to all things in popular culture.

He made reference to the ongoing #WitsFeesMustFall saga and put his own spin on the now popular hashtag, changing it to #HaterationMustFall.

This song was a reflection of the social media craze in society, and how the users of the networks feel the need to hashtag everything.

He also makes reference to widely used terms around the world – performing an original song about ‘ratchets’ (an uncouth person who acts distastefully in all situations).

The performer was backed by Simphiwe Bonongo, a beat boxer, and Bernett Mulongo on the keyboard.

The beats produced by the trio were, by all means, mainstream music industry material and the three could look into careers in music, but the message produced in the satirical play was provocative, insightful, funny and absolutely relevant to the times.

The crowd was clearly amused and seemed to thoroughly enjoy every minute of the show, especially when the performers became interactive with them.

The show was not only enjoyable for the good music and great performance, but also for the content to which every Generation X member of the audience could relate.

The production will officially take to the stage on 11 and 12 November at the Soweto Theatre, and is something not to be missed.

Details: www.sowetotheatre.com

Racine Edwardes

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