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KNOW YOUR BODY: Constance Bhebhe, also known as Connie B, is an author, speaker, business owner and fitness enthusiast, who tries to encourage men and women to realise that fitness is not all about having a slim waist, it’s about taking care of your body. Here she sits sipping on her own creation, Pri-Tea’s summer iced tea, Blue Eyes, a complete fruit blend teatox.

Constance Bhebhe, otherwise known as Connie B, does know this and she spilled the beans on how you can easily cut sugar out of your diet without going nuts.

Bhebhe grew up in Zimbabwe before moving to Canada when she was 13 years old, but this fast-talking beauty picked Johannesburg as the launching pad for two of her new businesses. She is the brains behind the celebrity favourite workout gear, Thermosculpt, and the latest in delish detoxes, Pri-Tea, pronounced Pretty.

During her interview with City Buzz, she graciously poured two glasses of Pri-Tea’s summer iced tea, Blue Eyes, a complete fruit blend, which tastes divine with or without the natural sweetener, which Pri-Tea also supplies.

“I got into tea from being in fitness. My trainer pretty much gave me a list of things I couldn’t eat and told me that the only beverage I could have was green tea,” she said.

“For me, tea had already done some wonders. I eventually got rid of candida, which is a yeast that a lot of people get inside their stomachs that makes them crave sugar, makes them bloated and experience discomfort minutes after eating something which could be considered an irritant, like wheat or even dairy.”

She also stated that her nails grew stronger and longer, and the acne she suffered from cleared up, thanks to using herbal tea as a toner, as well as drinking it daily.

She claims she saw a gap in the market and she fit herself right into it. “If you think about a beverage it’s either alcohol, juice or water. There’s nothing in the middle that is low calorie or low sugar that isn’t sweetened with artificial sweeteners,” she said, and her sweetener is 100 percent natural.

“I wanted there to be something for women, and even men, that they could drink that was not alcohol or water or juice.” So she created Pri-Tea, which is now South Africa’s number one bestselling teatox.

What about Thermosculpt? “You know we always try to pretend that it’s effortless to try and stay in shape,” Bhebhe laughed.

Thermosculpt is a belt made out of thermogenic material that you fasten around your waist during workouts and it helps you sweat out toxins and excess water. It’s a safer alternative to the compressive garment waist trainer trend that seems to be sweeping the globe, thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

“I’m hoping women and men can understand that fitness and wellness are not all about having a slim waist. Working out is an important part of getting rid of disease,” explained Bhebhe, who’s even written a book, titled Modern Princess: A Young Woman’s Guide to Creating a Balanced Life, which is about her ventures, fitness routines and how she started her business.

Details: www.pri-tea.com; www.officialmodbod.com

Victoria Taylor

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