#WhatDoLaaitiesKnowAbout brings back SA memories

Picture source: Twitter REMEMBER: Laaities have no idea about the excitement of having MacDonald invitations to send out to friends.


A ‘laaitie’ or ‘lighty’ is the affectionate term used to describe a young boy or male adult, and the Urban Dictionary describes it as the South African slang word for a child or youngster who is in an inferior position to you.

Twitter users are now using the term to show younger generations what they missed by being born after 2000. They are fondly remembering shows like Backstage, Soul City and The Power Rangers, sweets like candy cigarettes, Holey Moleys and indestructible phones like the Nokia 3310.

Youngsters these days have no idea of the struggles we faced … trying to fit walkmans in our pockets, moon bags, rewinding tapes using a pencil and waiting for your favourite movie on a VHS tape to rewind.

We remember these struggles … and are convinced that they somehow shaped (and bettered) us as people.

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