Mcdonald’s wants you to enjoy some delicious breakfast with them

BREAKFAST FRENZY: Each McDonald's restaurant is giving away 1 000 free Egg McMuffins on 9 March.

National Breakfast Day was started by McDonald’s in 2013 to encourage the country to eat a good, hearty breakfast every morning.

“It’s a well-known fact that a good breakfast is one of the key foundations for a productive life,” says McDonald’s senior marketing director, Daniel Padiachy.

“It improves our mental and physical capabilities, as well as our mood and overall sense of well-being.”

“At McDonald’s, we feel that if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why shouldn’t we pay homage to this delicious morning meal?”

“National Breakfast Day is a celebration of the goodness of breakfast and a reminder to all South Africans about the importance of breakfast to power up their days.”

The popular worldwide franchise will give away free Egg McMuffins to the first 1 000 people at each of their restaurants in selected countries, including the 217 restaurants in South Africa.

This giveaway marks the third running year of the campaign which encourages everyone to start their day off on a healthy, wholesome note.

“Last year on National Breakfast Day, the first restaurant to serve all 1000 Egg McMuffins out came in just over an hour and we look forward to the same response this year.”

With the breakfast menu becoming a fast success at McDonald’s, they are looking forward to more customers at McDonald’s and more people eating a good breakfast.

“Through our reliable internal tracking mechanism, we have seen a 2% growth in our breakfast sales over the past few years, which is a success, given how competitive the South African breakfast landscape is.”

Make sure to spread the word using the #McDBreakfastDay and get to your nearest McDonald’s as early as possible to grab yourself a free Egg McMuffin, on 9 March.

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Racine Edwardes

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