Social media has turned us into bullies

My heart goes out to the mother and family of the little child.

Yes, sometimes mothers can be careless and do not always act in the best interests of their children, but I really don’t think the mother had any idea something as innocent as a banana would end her child’s life.

I am a firm believer in education and a big supporter of the Early Childhood Development programme that not only assists children while they are at school, but also mobilises the community and informs parents on how best to look after their children. The programme assists parents with childcare as well as nutritional support and supplies.

Not everyone is a born mother who knows what to do and how to care for her child. Some of us need a little bit of guidance and help.

I don’t know this particular mother or the exact circumstances surrounding the child’s death – but what I do know is it is not always carelessness that leads to these situations.

Yes, you get intelligent mothers who do stupid things, such as leaving their child in a hot car while they ‘nip’ into the shops, and you also get mothers who have no support, education or money who are incredible mothers.

I guess what I am trying to say is that many of us judge too quickly. We log onto Facebook and Twitter and all hell breaks loose. People can be very nasty when they have a device separating them from what they are posting.

I would urge people to think before they start typing. Before you judge or pass comment on anything, put yourself on the receiving end of that comment and think about the consequences.

While Facebook and Twitter are greats ways to unite people with similar interests, we need to remember that posting comments that are harmful to others is a form of bullying – and no one likes bullies.

Megan McLean
Group Editor

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