Infidelity website reveals Jozi’s cheating hotspots

BUSTED: Top neighbourhood infidelity hotspots announced, Dainfern Takes the #1 spot.

The notorious dating website, catering to those already in relationships, shares Jozi’s most cheat-friendly neighbourhoods based on an overall membership of more than 55 000 people (up from only 20 000 in 2012).

Next time your neighbour pops over with a welcome, a neighbourhood smile and some warm apple pie, they may in fact be extending an invitation for more than just a friendly chat, especially if you live in Dainfern, which topped the list as the number one spot for extramarital affairs.

Here then, in descending order, are Jozi’s cheating hotspots (per capita basis):

1. Dainfern 10.3 percent

2. Sandhurst 9.3 percent

3. Greenside 8.7 percent

4. Rivonia 7.4 percent

5. Soweto 7.1 percent

6. Bedfordview 6.5 percent

7. Bryanston 6.3 percent

8. Glenvista 5.9 percent

9. Northcliff 5.5 percent

10. Fourways 4.9 percent

Noel Biderman, CEO of, said he and his staff were not surprised when some of the wealthiest areas made the list.

“Simply put, the more successful you are, the likelier you’ll cheat; and Johannesburg is full of successful people looking for something outside their marriage,” he said.

“With financial success comes opportunity. professionals tend to travel more frequently allowing them to step out on their mates, and it would appear Dainfern is full of bored housewives.”

The affair service also found additional demographic data for some of the top neighbourhoods:

Members with highest number of affair partners:

Leafy Greenside has stolen this title away from Fourways

Most loyal members with least number of affair partners:


Members with most children (on average):


Most female members:


Most single female members:


Highest number of religious members:


Youngest members:


Quite clearly, Jozi may more than just the financial capital of Mzansi and is probably one of the out-and-out cheating epicentres.

Based on the results, spouses are now much more enlightened as to whether they reside in a cheating hotspot or not.

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