Some celeb’s New Year’s Resolutions

ONE OF SA's HOTTEST DJ's: Euphonik.

Before you think of your own, find out what the celeb’s resolutions will be for next year.

New kid on the block Chad Da Don said, “My new year’s resolution for next year is to live a healthier lifestyle. The current lifestyle I’m living is very busy… I’m on the go the whole time. It’s always easier to pop in to a fast food joint for something to eat than to prepare healthy meals. I’m a firm believer in that a healthy body builds a healthy mind… Next year is going to be a big year for me! Time to get in tip top shape!”

One of GQ’s best dressed men, Maps Maponyane said, “I’m unfortunately not the NYR type but what I tend to do is just pick a focus for each year and keep to that. Next year is to try and be as productive as possible every day. I also want to build up enough of a portfolio to make a potential international move by the end of the year.”

Busy DJ Euphonik’s New Year’s Resolution is, “I’m always trying to be a better me than yesterday so I’ll definitely be doing things bigger and better than this this year. I also want to change peoples lives – 1 person at a time.”

Radio DJ T-BO Touch said a few motivational words regarding New Year’s Resolutions, “For those who didn’t get around to achieving their goals for this year, don’t be too hard on yourselves. You still have next year to work towards them and set new ones.”


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