An hour with two guitars

DYNAMIC DUO: John and Janet van Nierop will perform a show at Foxwood Theatre.

Luckily the musical duo 2Guitars will be at Foxwood Theatre for one performance this month to remind audiences of the humble instrument’s depth and versatility.

John and Janet van Nierop will, for an hour, pluck and strum their way through a repertoire that includes Renaissance, Baroque, classical and Latin American works for the guitar.

“John has spent most of his life immersed in music of one form or another, and has played the guitar and the bass with many bands, mainly folk, but also rock and classical,” said Janet.

John has been a guitar teacher for 40 years, and plays a Harald Petersen 1966 classical guitar and a Contreras flamenco guitar.

“[I am] a classical guitarist and teacher. [I] studied under David Hewitt, Fritz Buss and Michael George,” said Janet.

“I play a Ramirez 1A 1971 classical guitar.”

The Joburg-based duo often perform at weddings, corporate gigs and art galleries.

An Hour with 2Guitars will take place on 25 May at Foxwood Theatre, 13 5th Street, Houghton Estate, at 3pm.

Details: 011 486 0935; [email protected];

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